The Delicious adventures of FINICKY FIONA


Eating Healthily Shouldn't Be A Chore

Our children are bombarded with ridiculous food products on a daily basis. You can manage 70% of that (*hint* avoid foods that target kids). They also are exposed to a lot of unnecessary chemicals. I am a champion for children. At this stage, even I am still learning about my body- just figured out my curls last month! Videos, books and more blog posts coming soon!

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I Have Allergies Too!

Need to be soy-free, corn-free, gluten-free, low sugar, nut-free, vegan, seagan, dairy-free, egg-free, etc.? Me too! While I will also post recipes that stray from these restrictions (my kids love eggs), please know that my restricted food journey is my gift to you! I LOVE food and needed to find and develop recipes that taste great, but meet my dietary needs. I will post recipes, videos, favorite kitchen tools and even a future children's book.

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